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Nutrition Analysis

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in determining which methodology is best for your particular situation.

All of our solutions are customizable to fit your exact needs.

We take time to review your operation and menus so we can better advise you which solution best insures regulatory compliance.


Analytical Analysis

ESHA Genesis R&D

  • Create recipes and formulas using ESHA Genesis R&D software
  • Customize data with user-added ingredients
  • Input your specific recipes
  • Save recipes and ingredients for use in future formulations
  • Compile the nutritional breakdown on your specific recipes
  • Develop a federal compliant tracking system

Laboratory Analysis


  • Referral to accredited laboratories for nutritional analysis
  • Compile a list of products for laboratory analysis
  • Work directly with laboratory to organize nutritional analysis
  • Compile laboratory data spreadsheets on your specific recipes
  • Develop a nutritional spreadsheet for all menu items
  • Develop a federal compliant tracking system
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